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All the downloads and resources used in the video are included below. 


Download Shoppe Theme

Download Images


Builder WooCommerce (For displaying products)

Slider Pro (for custom sliders)

Themify Product Filter

Contact Form

Recommended Plugins

Alidropship – to add dropshipping funtionality to your website. Allows you to import product directly into your store. Then when the customer purchases you can semi automate the process of forwarding that order to your supplier. (Use HOGAN for 15% Off)
Themify Builder Pro Plugin (Theme Builder, can use to customize your product pages)

Hosting & Domain

Cloudways Cloudways

(Use HOGAN for 20% off for first 3 months)


Alternatively, you can use Hostinger Cloud for a simpler experience.

CSS Fixes

Note: The CSS below can be copied & pasted into the Customizer > Themify Options > Custom CSS