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Thank you!

Firstly, I’d like to thank you everyone for the massive support for my tutorials. I really appreciate all the kind words, it motivates me to make even more great things for the world to share.

I just wanted to make this page, to help direct you in the right direction when you find yourself in a problem because I know everyone wants to fix a problem quickly and move on.

Where to find help.

1/ Ask a Question (Leave a Comment) Directly on my YouTube Videos! (This is the fastest method to get a response, as I normally check these on a daily basis!)

2/ Themify Support Forum

Get 1 Year Support & Updates For Less than ~$3/month!

This is highly recommended, not because I make a small commission. Because I honestly think its going to make your life so much easier, thus enjoy the process of building a website so much more. It’s like having a teacher by your side, when you’re in an exam!

Definitely recommended for those who want to make additional customizations to their websites.

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3/ Check out the Themify documentations – There is a load of information here.

4/ Watch the whole tutorial – because doing so will give you a good idea of where everything is, hence saving you time later on. (Check the video description to skip to specific parts)

5/ Make sure to check out the FAQ page.

6/ My Facebook Page (I don’t check this as often, but like it so you can get announcements straight to your news feed!)