Themify Review & Discount – Save Money, Save Time & Get Help!

Dear Entrepreneur:

If you haven\’t begun building your website yet, this probably isn\’t for you. Check out my FREE Tutorials using the Themify Builder Here.

Get started with that first.

Because quite frankly, it would be a waste of money to become a member if you just let it gather digital dust while you\’re still \”thinking\” about building your website \”tomorrow\”.

If you become a themify member, you won\’t get rich quick.

You won\’t be able to ask the support team to build your whole site for you while you direct them.

Your time will be saved, your frustration will be kept to a minimum and you\’ll be able to focus on other important aspects of your business. Such as driving traffic to your website.

But that\’s all.

A membership is not going to turn your website into a money making machine overnight.

And should you attain further professional and business success during the term of your subscription, you\’ll have your own native ability and good luck to thank for it — Not being a Themify Member.

Well…What, then, can becoming a Themify Club Member do for you?

The answer depends upon what type of person you happen to be…If you are not serious about dedicating time to your business and your success…If you are chasing every single get rich quick scheme…If you couldn\’t care less about your time, then forget becoming a Themify Member. It can\’t do a thing for you.

If, on the other hand you are the kind of individual who is determined to build a beautiful yet profitable website that you are proud of — but cannot spend hours and hours trying to figuring out this one little problem that is keeping you from moving onto the next step…if you value your time and don\’t want to be still thinking about your website when you are going out for dinner…

Then a Themify Membership may well be the smartest investment you could make in the vital weeks and months ahead.

For about $4 a month, as a Themify Member, Here is what you\’ll get:

1) Access to the Support Forum – Be able to get solutions quickly rather than endlessly dabbling around yourself and not get a thing done. There are probably half a dozen programmers hired by Themify to provide support to members. I know from experience, This is a lifesaver! Things I thought were impossible – were made possible simply by asking.

2) Automatic Updates – You will be able to instantly update your theme when a new version of the theme comes out. All you need to do is to enter in your username, password and hit update. You won\’t need to activate another theme, download the latest version, delete the current version and then upload/activate anymore!

3) If you get the $79 Club Membership or Higher – you get access to over 40 other different themes which may be better suited to your needs and save you time from building the whole layout yourself. (They all feature the themify builder, so what you\’ve learnt so far will not be thrown down the drain.)

4) Documentation – Get access to addition documentation about all aspects of the Theme and the Themify Builder. Increase your knowledge and create an even more unique and amazing website.

Want to see what\’s inside the Themify Members Area?

If you were to hire your own programmer to help you with your website, Here\’s what you\’d have to look forward to:

1) You\’d have to create an account at one of the freelancing sites out there.
2) Write & Submit your Part time position or your task.
3) Scan through dozens of resumes and applications to find your ideal candidate – it could take hours to find someone you like and trust.
4) Pay them $10/hour or it may be $10 fixed per job. Although, they\’ll have the technical know-how – they probably won\’t be familiar with the exact theme itself – causing you to pay more than you really should.
5) If you need to use them for 4-5 times a month – you\’re already looking at spending $40-50 per month!

Isn\’t that a bit expensive since you can 1 year of free support and updates for Just $49?

Let\’s calculate the ROI (Return on Investment)

Let\’s say you need to use your freelancer 12 times a year or once a month for 1 hour.
That\’s a total of $120. Not including the time spent hiring them.

If you get the $49 Yearly Membership (Keep in mind, you get a 30% discount the following year when you renew!). You are getting over 244% Return on Investment, Guaranteed!

And even if I\’m only half right you\’ll still save $11.

And the Good News is, Themify have given me an Limited Time Exclusive 30% OFF coupon for the all memberships (excluding lifetime).

That means you\’ll be able to get in for just $34.30! (A 30% saving). Which comes to a little over $2.8 per month! That\’s less than a loaf of bread! or 72 cents/week!

I also highly recommend actually getting the \”Master Plan\” for $139 using the 30% coupon \”HOGAN\”, because you get all new themes, additional builder addons (valued at $39 and even more if you get them separately), post type builder & announcement bar plugin.

They also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So, if for any reason: you are not delighted with your membership, you will receive a full 100% refund of every penny you paid.

Here\’s What You Should Do Now

Click on this link:

Or if you want all the themes + all the goodies 🙂 get the $139 Option:

1)  Click on \”Buy Standard\”.

2) Enter in your details.

3) Then enter the HOGAN in the coupon code section (Save a Massive 30%! for a Limited Time Only! – All memberships/plugins (excluding Lifetime))


4) Click on Next and Follow the prompts to payment. 

P.S. The longer you wait the more you\’ll pay, get in while its cheap!

P.S.S. If I never got this membership, It would probably take another month to finish the website tutorial off for you guys. I have it and I can honestly say it\’s worth it but only if you are going to use it!