Featured Website/Blogs for June 2018


Here are our top picks for June 2018! Check out their website as they might have some services that you’d be interested in 🙂 If you also want your site to be featured, send them in to [email protected] to be reviewed. Thanks!

  1. http://beallucanbe.co.za/

Meet Zoe – Spiritual Director, Coach and Healer. She came from a background of spiritual people and living in the spirit became a way of life for her. She has a healthy communion with the Holy Spirit, God and angels. She knows this work is assigned to her now even before she incarnated, to teach, coach and heal. In helping you, her guidance comes from the Spirit of God.

This platform is not about religion, her belief system is grounded on the kingdom of God and its establishment on earth. Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven’, for you to experience heaven on earth. Her teachings are based on the universal laws of life and the ‘proceeding’ word of God.

  1. http://kevinlavoie.com/

This site is by Kevin Lavoie. He lives in Victoria, Canada.The site is sort of a  document and lets you in his life.

He likes to read, go to the gym, travel, and of course eat some good food! He is a huge hockey fan. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to drop a comment on his posts!

  1. http://floritascellar.com

Florita’s Cellar – Food and Wine Stories is an online cellar always open and friendly for those who love good food and fine wine. Get inside wander on the shelves with food and drinks, discover the treasures hidden there, while Florita (Florence Kytheriotou) tells you exciting stories centered on winegastronomy.

  1. https://www.my-philippines.de/

myPhilippines is a startup company located in Germany. They offer German customers an individual travel route with suggestions for outstanding excursions based on their preferences in the Philippines.

Regardless of whether the customer is interested in a romantic getaway, adventure holidays,relaxing time off, roundtrip, culinary discovery trip or a mix of all in the Philippines, they provide travel advice based on the customers preferences.

  1. http://thatroadtrip.com/

Life is full of moments that cannot be explained with words, pictures, or even the best storytelling. The owner created this site with hopes of sharing some of the things he has experienced throughout his travels all over the world. From the least developed and impoverished countries to the most economically successful, he has come to believe that money is not the determination of one’s happiness.  Life is about the experiences one has and the people they choose to experience it with.

  1. https://identitydeals.com/

IdentityDeals specialises in corporate identity branding and design. They offer everything from the design of a new logo to a complete re-branding!

  1. http://gettingreadytolaunch.com/

Getting Ready To Launch offers Website Design solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a simple, flexible, and low-cost way to have a presence on the internet while attracting new customers.

  1. http://the-wild-co.co.uk/

Two girls with a passion for health, fitness, food and travel formed The Wild Co. in order to break down the common misconception that leading a healthy lifestyle is an impossible, expensive, unreachable goal. The girls aim to inspire others to pursue a more wholesome way of life, by making healthy food with locally sourced produce and providing easy workout routines to fit seamlessly into a busy and demanding lifestyle.

  1. http://booktobooks.com/

The owner of the site is Manjit Mattu. His Mission is to inspire the individuals to learn from the successes and failures of the high performance people and embrace success at their highest potential.

  1. https://www.kindergartencops.com/

Come face to face with Chinese and say, Ni Hao! – That mean hello in China. Being an English teacher China is a valued, rewarding and fun, Immerse yourself in a new culture, try your hands at teaching English overseas, kick-start your Mandarin learning, or simply explore one of the world’s most fascinating places without breaking your wallet, Experience a culture very different from your own with programs that put you in the middle of the world’s oldest civilization. Bring a fresh viewpoint to developing communities well off the beaten path in rural China – timeless places that few Westerners really get to know – or dive into the bustle of a fast-growing city like Chongqing or Guangzhou. The sights and variety of experiences in China are nearly as vast as the country itself.