Featured Website/Blogs for May 2018


We’ve decided to feature top 10 websites every month from today on wards. So hopefully you can see what others are currently building, perhaps you can also contact them and they have a service you might be interested in

  1. Channels Network

Channel Network is a firm based in Darrington, Washington, that specializes in industry knowledge.

Channels Network has been able to maintain its culture and results through the many internet fads and market cycles of our industry.


   2. Sandy Bartsch

Sandy Bartsch is a talented person based in Berlin. She’s a  Life-Hacker with great visions and always up for new adventures. She loves to go traveling and experience cultural exchanges, which in turn provides her with a new feed of inspiration.

She made the site to advertise her skills and services in Web Design, Copy Writing and Digital Marketing which serves as her portforlio.



  1. Story At Every Corner

This is a site by Nirmal and Jyoti, a travel loving couple always ready to hit the road. With this website, they are sharing travel stories and pictures. They hope to inspire everyone to travel and open up hearts & minds to people around the world.

They have been traveling together for the last quarter century through many phases of their life – from college days to having babies and raising big kids. They travel at every opportunity – as a family, solo, one parent with one child, and of course, as a couple.



4.The Soul Laundry

The Soul Laundry is an alternative online art gallery, showcasing hand picked, collectable, affordable, contemporary artists.

For over 10 years, they have been collecting imaginative, alternative, indie art. The Soul Laundry grew out of wanting to share passion for this style of art to others. The owner have hand picked and chosen the artists and art that he  believes showcase some of the best in this genre. Focusing on pop surrealist, low brow, illustrative, and other alternative art styles.



  1. Futbol 24 KE

This site have come to revolutionize how you look and perceive sports to be. Courtesy of sports betting penetration into the Kenyan economy, atleast 70% of 18+ citizens are active or have at least placed a bet at some point.

They help citizens continue being a sports fan by providing them with know how of what best to play on.



6. Locl Watch

Locl Watch is an independent watch brand, born and bred in the Heart of America in Downtown Kansas City. The City, particularly due to the massive resurgence of the Crossroads Arts District – where many fashion brands, small and large, proudly call home – emanates a laid-back culture with an air of sophistication.

This environment perfectly embodies the ideals on which LOCL Watch was built and by no coincidence is right where the brand was founded. They try to instill the energy and atmosphere of the area in all of their product designs and releases – differing backgrounds and interests allows them to take inspiration from so many various outlets, leading to an end product that both appeals to a broad spectrum, while standing out from the crowd.



  1. Daniel Cavalcante

Daniel Cavalcante is an architect graduated from the University Center of Brasilia and have developed Architecture projects in various areas and scales, such as residential, interior, commercial and institutional projects.

Influenced by a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, he always seeks to meet the needs of each client believing that it is always possible to do more with less, through creative solutions and rational use of spaces and materials.



  1. Mama’s All Spice

Mama’s All Spice always believe that the secret ingredient is “LOVE”.

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, it’s safe to say that the founder’s life revolves around the kitchen.  Her love of food and the joy it brings each and everyday inspired her to do a little creating. In early 2013, in her kitchen of course, she was playing around with a few spices and herbs and came up with a mixture that worked well with a lot of food she loves to make.  After three months of adding and subtracting and numerous taste tests from her husband, she was able to come up with Mamas All-Spice.



  1. Classic Interiors

CI are manufacturers and suppliers of Office Modular Furniture and Workstations, Filing Cabinets, Conference tables, Glass partitions, Aluminum partitions, Modular or Gypsum false ceilings. We are also suppliers of Office chairs, Sofas & allied products, like PVC carpet, wallpapers , Window blinds, Glass films etc.

They use the best quality material like Pre-Laminated Particle Board, Plywood or MDF,  Laminates and Aluminum extruded sections for modular low height partitions. Their products are highly finished, accurate in sizes and uniform in dimension elegant looking & aesthetically beautiful. Their products are used by corporate offices, software companies, MNCs, BPO companies, educational institutions, private sectors, public sectors individuals etc.


  1. Kiesha Beckford

This is a site by Kiesha Beckford and her travel stories.

Her travel style is JUGGLER – She isn’t the cliché travel blogger who has quit their day job to travel the world – Instead, she have merely sought to find a balance. No second thoughts. No tears. No regrets.







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