Featured Website/Blogs for July 2018

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Howdy!! Here are our top picks for July 2018! Check out their website as they might have some services that you’d be interested in 🙂 If you also want your site to be featured, send them in to [email protected] to be reviewed. Thanks!


  1. https://overseasstudentsaustralia.com


Overseas Students Australia is on a mission to provide meaningful information to overseas students about studying, working and living in Australia.


This site is by Prithvi Bharadwaj, a freelance Graphic designer & editor. He is currently based in Bangalore but works with people all around the world. He has worked on projects for large firms and Instagram pages and have also worked on many smaller and more personal projects, which also gave him an equal amount of satisfaction.


Infinity-online services installed on your smartphone, a technician is only a tap away. You can choose a preferred technician based on their ratings or let the app automatically find a techie near you. You can either schedule the fix for a convenient time or request for a fix immediately.


4. http://chareverson.com


Charlene can provide designs that convey your vision on print media, websites and social media platforms. She has rocket turn around times and an eye for detail. Charlene can put a new label on your business or start she can create a face for your business starting from the ground up. Doesn’t matter if the project is small or large, your vision is what is important to her. With her b background and work experience, she can get the job done.

5. https://healthyoreganooil.com

The company was founded in 2004 as the brainchild of two brothers from Turkey. Their goal is to provide clients in the United States and all over the world with 100% organic oil of oregano. With over 10,000 bottles sold, they bring to the table their knowledge of the rare Origanum Vulgare specie oil of oregano and use it in conjunction with industry-leading standards to produce a product that is consistent in its appeal and effectiveness.

6. https://www.transmarttouring.com

Transmart Touring are a new independent motorcycle tour operator who’s two key objectives are: (1) take their customers to new, interesting and exciting places and (2) help them to improve their riding along the way.  By combining these two offerings, their customers can ride with the assurance that they will have a fantastic, enjoyable time whilst also investing in their longer-term motorcycling career.

7. http://smartlinkconsulting.ca


SmartLink Strategies is a Business Growth Firm that harnesses the power of strategic planning to transform big ideas and concepts into reality. We are a conscious business obsessed with achieving a purpose-driven movement that brings a positive impact to individuals, organizations, and the world.

8. http://betta-gaming.xyz


Beta Gaming is Danish gaming community. They are currently the #1 best hoejhus and retake server in Denmark. The current owners of Betta-gaming are Emil (Pan1c) and Casper (Spunken), both the owners have a lot of experience with servers. Betta-gaming started out small, but grew into one of the biggest danish community nowadays.

9. http://jakescycles.com/


A compilation of Jake’s obsession about bikes 🙂 He also features his travel story with his favorite bikes in this blog.

10. http://backpacksharing.com/

Backpacksharing is passion as “the place” where people around the world are inspired by incredible backpacking moments. The blogs combine all inspiring stories to help people grow their sense of passions in life through backpacking travels. Therefore, Sharing this to the world will tremendously unfold thousands of thousand people’s sense of passions in their lives.