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  • For most people who have followed my tutorials, The Shoppe Theme is very similar to Ultra but with some great additions more suited to an eCommerce store. (Note: theme included in description)

    For example: More control and display options over “Shop Page” Layout, Individual Product Page Layout, Better Search Functionality, Easier to display products using WooCommerce builder Module (Inc. in downloads) and easier to edit buttons of “Add to Cart”, “Product titles” etc.

    So If you are an eCommerce based website, using Ultra theme – you can switch the theme without causing much issues. You don’t lose much options, most options are similar. If there are issues, then it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust. And if not, you can switch back easily.

    The tutorial itself, the main difference in it – is its simplicity of build and with a lot of potential problems mitigated after a lot of trial and error. For example, I’ve created a guide for it as well: (90% complete)

    I go through Tax settings in detail, especially for my US viewers who have different tax rates and rules for each state.

    I also go through shipping zones, classes and creating advanced free shipping options in detail.

    And also creating a colour palette and walking you through how I applied it and why.

    I’ll also be uploading the follow up tutorials:

    1) Using the Hook Content feature to add secondary header like – which shows the “free next day deliver” etc

    2) Canadian Tax Settings

    3) Creating a more advanced footer

    4) Creating Layouts for About, Contact, FAQ and Blog Pages.

    5) Adding Payment Accepted Logos

    6) Adding Instagram Feed

    7) And One more so I can get & things  Let me know which in comments!

    P.S. Also running an iPad giveaway – check the video for more info!

    Thank you for everyones patience and kind words, Appreciate it! Woooo!!!😀