• Thousands of people have already started their blogs, but here are some blogs built by our viewers (for some added inspiration):

    1) http://www.glossygrape.com/
    2) http://foreignfoxes.com/
    3) http://lpdada.com/
    4) http://champagnelemonadelondon.com/
    5) http://insomminye.com/
    6) http://betweenhealthyandtasty.com/
    7) http://cookinginthebox.com/

    P.S please share your websites here when your done! And help inspire more people to start blogging and share their passions with the world 🙂

  • anais

    Hi Thank you for the tutorial it was very helpful regarding the zara banner ad how can i add it to the blog ?

  • Add an image module to where ever you want to add the advertisement, and then ZARA or your affiliate will give you a link. Then simply add that link in the “image link” field and save. So when people click on that image, they’ll be directed to zara. Hope that helps, Cheer Hogan.

  • anais

    ok thanks a lot my last question is regarding the size of pictures on mobile version. I tried to add plugin to resize pics and tried your CSS code but still the homepage pic won’t get to the mobile format… http://anaisanais-kw.com/

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    Hey Hogan, the tutorials are awesome but i always struggle with load times, especially with video background. Any fix ?

  • Use handbrake(https://handbrake.fr/) to reduce size of video (ideally >3mb) and then I’d watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF1iPRoUoGI and if you want to speed it up more, I recommend MAX CDN (content delivery network) which is what I use, for fast load times. Hope that helps, Cheer Hogan.

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    That Worked !! thanks hogan, one more thing, would you have any idea on how to make this mobile responsive http://theghosthuntuk.com/haunted-location-springhill-house/

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icpNOp2ls9k

    This will help:)

    p.s if you haven’t already please give it a thumbs up 🙂 thanks!

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    Thanks Hogan !! ill post a link to my new blog when its up and running 🙂

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    Hey hogan i saw this wordpress site


    The blog has an awesome sidebar, would you have any idea on how to replicate it. Also it has awesome widgets above the post, how could i replicate this ?

    Paranormal 360 April 14, 2016 3 Comments 11,083 Views

  • Luna C. Lupus

    My website is done! Loving it! 🙂 How do I get the update now? Also did anyone report having a problem with FB comments? It worked fine until today and then the comment box just stopped showing. Could be a glitch in the plugin, but I was just wondering. Thx for this tutorial it’s awesome! Just really wondering about that update 🙂

  • Try update to latest framework 2.8.5 (which should pop up in the dashboard) And I also do recommend taking advantage of the 40% off membership 🙂 where you can get 1 year support/updates which is amazing value.

  • Sachin Pandey

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    i am developing this site on local host please help me …
    thank you

  • Sachin Pandey

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  • So I copied the short link to my custom css for the fully responsive mobile view. it worked for a while, now quite suddenly it isn’t working and I have no idea what I did! Nothing is fitting in the mobile window and I can’t figure out how to fix it!

  • Also another question! How can I make my logo fit in the mobile screen? My only solution right now is resizing it smaller, which makes my desktop version look ridiculous! please help!

  • Cindy Elena Cornejo Garcia

    I can’t seem to make the pagination work on my post, any ideas?

  • Thangam Subramanian

    Hi…Hogan…I followed the blog tutorial and I have managed to create my travel essentials blog..
    www. essential travel nuggets.com..Can you help to reduce the distance between the excerpt of the post and ‘continue reading” tag…Is there anything that needs to be improved…many things still pending..Any ideas of what more can be added…Thank you

  • João

    Great tutorial thanks! I have just one question, the Themify Builder is free?

  • edaesq

    Great tutorial.
    I bought Ultra through your link but requested a refund. I can’t get started. The tutorial does not match what I’m seeing on my dashboard.
    I think you are a great coach and I really appreciate what you’ve done. I encourage all of your visitors to stick with you. You do a great job.
    The epic fail trying to build my site is NOT your fault. It’s mine. I’m just a complete tech idiot.
    Not sure where to go at this point, maybe hire some guy to build a site for me.

  • You can check out my latest blog tutorial and you don’t need to purchase anything to get started 🙂 the link to download latest theme is in the description. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JWgv0nTOEg

  • Rada Arshinkovska

    Excellent tutorials. I have passed some of your tutorials and now redesign my website with Themify builder, theme ultra. I also passed the new tutorial blog. On my blog I would like to change the place of the date in post. I want circle with the date to be displayed on the left side of the title of the post as on the blog of Themify (https://themify.me/blog). Could you help me how to make this change. Thank you.

  • Chan Pham

    Thanks for this video i created my blog http://j0int-w0rld.site/, but i did something and messed it up. Im sure its a easy fix but i cant figure it out. Please help. My site cant resize. can you expain why?

  • Dragan Milosevic

    Dear Hogan, maybe I missed it, but HOW TO CHANGE POST TEXT FONT – excerpt and full post text (attachment)? I have it default as Poppins, but would love to change it in Cabin.

    Best regards,

    Dragan. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c15e6e7128707fed5b94fc202c41da3aea7955a2156c543ecbab2f80127fe9c0.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4facb3e3bce1bbfdb85959478fdebb79a69b6905565588238dcd3552a9fe82df.png

  • Marina Jurcic

    Great and very helpfull video. Now, I have one question. I can see all of my posts on the computer, but my friends and I cannot access my blog posts on iphone or any other cellphone. I can access ‘about’ and ‘contact’, but when I go to the menu and click on the blog, I get this message: Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0. Why is that and do you know how can I fix it?