• If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave it below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



  • Kuldeep Yadav

    thanks for helping

    kindly help me on

    how to put mobile number in header area ?

    thanks in advance

  • Hi Kuldeep,

    Please watch: http://screencast.com/t/uAGfa4nr4R2 (might take a few seconds to load)

    Let me know if that helps,



  • Kuldeep Yadav

    thanks sir

    also i want to know plugins name and how to configure if video is available that would be great . for below

    1. backup site

    2. faster site

    3. need to optimize site

    4. contact form email setup

    5. need to secure your site

    6. need to see how much traffic are getting

  • Hi Kuldeep,

    You can check out:

    1. BackUpWordPress (plugin to download from inside the wordpress dashboard)

    2. Faster site: try to not have large image sizes (I teach you how to crop and resize in my tutoeri and too much animation. You can also setup a CDN. (Content Deliver Network – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyVCW5EJqNU ). This is free to a certain point of usage, just check the prices. But should be enough if you are just starting your website.

    3. To optmize site, if you are referring to SEO. You can download “WordPress SEO by Yoast”

    4. for contact form 7 to setup it so the message gets delivered to your email : http://screencast.com/t/dDttvhR5S

    5. You can try : “All In One WP Security & Firewall” Plugin.

    6. “Clicky Analytics” Plugin – You need to sign up for free account. Then it will show you your traffic stats inside your WordPress dashboard. However, I recommend also getting Google Analytics.

    Unfortunately I haven’t made these tutorials yet, perhaps in the future. But, there are plently instructions and videos on youtube on how to install and configure these 🙂

    Let me know if you need anything else,



  • Kuldeep Yadav

    Thanks A lot

  • Hi Hogan,

    I’m following your video and I am the point to build the homepage.
    I get the message to turn on the builder, but it is already enabled.
    So now I cannot switch the builder to the front end.

    What now?


    Albert Supheert

  • Hi Albert,

    This is a known issue with WordPress 4.2.3 and builder. The dev team is working on it and hopefully it would be fixed asap and released. In the mean time please try using backend builder.

    I will upload the next version of the theme as soon as it is up. (in a few hours from now, then you can download it again using the same download link. Then you can delete the current ultra theme and update to the newest version. If you are having troubles updating you can follow me on how to update the theme at 2:58:51 of the video)

    Thank you for your patience. Cheers Hogan

  • Hi Albert,
    The issue is fixed. Please follow the video at 2:58.51 to upload/install newest version of theme. You can download it from the same link. Let me know if there are any problems. Cheers

  • Hello Hogan,

    Thanks for your help.
    I have downloaded the latest theme from your website and replaced it (followed your instructions for updating the theme) and now it is working.
    I can go on and watch your video.

    Thanks again.


  • Great! Let me know if you need anything else.

    Cheers. Hogan

  • Great video. I will try to rebuild my website (made in dreamweaver) in wordpress using parts of your instructions.
    I still have 2 questions for you.
    1. in the builder I saw that there is a maximum of 6 rows. Is there a possibility to expand the number of rows? ( 8 – 10 )
    2. do you have planned to make a video about creating an e-commerce website or webshop? I would be very interested. Could this be done with the Ultra theme?

  • Hi Albert!

    1. Yes, of course you can add as many rows as you need. And you can change the sizes of them. Everything that you see, you can move/add however you like.

    2. That I’d be probably launched early next year/or late 2015 cause I want it to the best. Yes, you can certainly make a web shop/e commerce by using this http://themify.me/addons/woocommerce. If you want to create a big shop like amazon or ebay – then I’d suggest something else.

    But I can say, that using this builder – is the best tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube at the moment. Because other tutorials – they use a theme that doesn’t have a front end builder and that makes things sometimes annoying cause you can’t see exactly where you moved things, until you refreshed the page etc. But it even comes with backend builder – so once you are used to it, then you can use that too!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



  • Hello Hogan,

    Thanks again for your help.
    The first part of my question was wrong.
    I ment 6 columns instaed of 6 rows.
    Is there also an unlimeted number of columns in the builder?



  • Yes, you can have 6 columns too 🙂

  • Hello Hogan,

    Yes I found 6 columns in the builder.
    But can I make more. 7 or 8 or eve more?



  • Hey Albert,

    You can create anything you want 🙂 >> watch this : http://screencast.com/t/EvuYngWov

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Hello Hogan,

    I have a collection of comics, which you can see on my website http://www.my-ecomics.nl.
    I build the website in Dreamweaver.

    On this website I use an iframe to display all series of comics I have.
    The lists in this iframe are generated automaticly.
    Question: Can I make an iframe with the Themify Builder? And if yes, can you tell me how?

    I already started to rebuild my website in WordPress.
    You can see an example on http://www.jammwebdesign.nl/myecomic
    In the menu choose “Stripboeken”.

    Thanks an a fine weekend.


  • Hi Albert,

    Yes, you can. However I’m not sure about being generated automatically.

    I assume you are familiar with the html coding or you can check out this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2ByLmLnYJ8 and this website: http://www.littlewebhut.com/html/iframe_tag/

    But to add in an iframe into your website – using the builder is easy. I made a quick video, just watch: http://screencast.com/t/UlhoB16mv

    I hope that works, Cheers. Hogan

    By the way, how do you like the theme so far?

  • Dear Hogan,

    I have finally made the last changes to my test page and for me it looks fine.
    You can see the result here: http://www.jammwebdesign.nl/myecomic/test/
    The last thing I would change is the width of the menu column, but I don’t know how to change this.

    Thanks for all your help and now I will start to build the rest of the website.



  • maxwell

    Hi Hogan,

    I;m watching the video and am trying to download the theme. when I attempt to I get an error message that says “Could not copy file. themify-ultra/themify/img/social/twitter.png”

    can you help me to resolve this.


  • Hi Maxwell,

    Do you mind to screenshot of where you are having this issue? You can download and use Jing https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

    Have you downloaded it or won’t work? (it seems to download fine for me.) Or are you into the tutorial already?

    You can send an email to creativeway10@gmail.com

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Albert, send me an email to creativeway10@gmail.com – I think I can guide you on how to edit the width. 🙂
    You mean how the menu is so close to the edge of the screen, yes?
    Thanks, Hogan.

  • Hey Hogan,

    I was able to trouble shot the issue and resolved it. I think it WP had something going on with it. I uninstalled/reinstall and the theme uploaded fine. I’m now building the site. thanks for the quick response.

    BTW, You mentioned a piece of software (around 47:20 in the video) used for measuring and capturing images and video. what is the name of that software?

  • No worries, It’s called Jing – https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

    Let me know if you have any other questions/issues. Cheers, Hogan

  • Paige

    Hey Hogan,

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!

    For some reason I have all this white space from my menu bar to my picture or text. It’s only affecting a couple of my pages. I can email you a screen shot if you’d like.


  • Paige

    I solved the problem. And thanks again for such a great tutorial!!

  • Awesome! Sorry, was asleep here in Melbourne 🙂 Let me know how everything else goes.

  • FREE

    Hey Hogan,

    The world needs more people like you little bro. Thanks for all the time you put into your video and supporting information. I’ll def be keeping up with your channel. Thanks and keep up the great work. My only suggestion to you is that you put a donate button on your site. Time is money and you shared alot of time on and off screen. That’s worth something. Thanks again!!!

  • qader khn

    Thanks Alot Bro For Such A Nice Theme And An Awesome Tutorial……..
    Everything Worked Great But Facing A Small Issue Regarding Blog Page
    There Is Alot Of Space Between Header And The Post………How Do I Solve This Issue?

  • qader khn
  • Please paste this into the Customize > custom css section. Please vote up this comment so everyone can see. thank you!

    Also in the page options – change the header options to “transparent header”

    .transparent-header #pagewrap{

    padding-top: 60px !important;


    .single-post #pagewrap{

    padding-top: 80px;


    .full_width #layout {

    margin-top: -60px;


  • Thank you for your kind words. And the suggestion 🙂

  • qader khn

    ThankYou For The Reply But It Didn’t Work……….

  • Have you also : Also in the page options – change the header options to “transparent header” ?

    That should do the trick!

  • qader khn

    That Worked…….Thankyou
    Nice Work

  • Awesome! Please vote that reply before “up” so everyone else can see it 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • Silje Helland

    How did du solved this? I have the same problem…

  • Silje Helland

    I can’t find the page option, where is it located? (a)

  • http://screencast.com/t/lZtAI8Gy

    Sorry, its the theme appearance. 🙂

  • Malcolm

    Hey hogan. I just want to make sure that using this theme is legal since it costs $49 to be able to run it! is it okay for us to use and publish it? no copyright issues bro?

  • Its under the GNU license, otherwise I wouldn’t have created a tutorial for it 🙂 It would be a waste of time.

  • Hun Vagabond

    Hi! I wanted to get rid of that space on the Blog page/post,copied and pasted the CSS code,and my header background was gone immediately,and when I go Customize to create a new one as soon as I save it,it disappears.What should I do?

  • Did you make it transparent header in the themify custom panel > theme appearance?
    If it doesnt work send me the url.

  • Hun Vagabond
  • Paige

    Hey there,

    I was having the problem on my Contact page. So I went into…

    1. “edit” page

    2. Find your “Themify Custom Panel”

    3. Click on “Theme Appearance” tab

    4. Go to “Header Design” chose the option right under default.

    5. Sticky Header chose “no”; Full Header Hight chose “yes”

    6. Make sure to hit “save” and “update”

    Hope that solves your problem!

  • You must have skipped a step? Anyways, create a username and password – then give admin access and send the details to my email and I’ll take a quick look for you. So you want the exact header as mine right?

  • Hun Vagabond

    No,but I might later,so I need to know what did I do wrong. I’ll send you the details,thank you!

  • sheliahonsett

    I was oblivious to WordPress. I had no clue how to work within themes, etc.. Hogan you are a gem of a soul! You are amazing. I’m now creating my first page and I have the confidence to make a wonderful site thanks to you. Applause for Hogan

  • Thank you for your kind words. Let me know if you have any problems!

    And I also want to thank EVERYONE for their amazing support and love 🙂 It really keeps me motivated to make more great tutorials for you guys, I’m serious.
    I really believe that if there are more people building their online business/local business then the world will be a better place. Because at the end of the day, all a business is, is an individual/group of people solving problems for others and making peoples lives better. The more problems solved, the better the world 🙂
    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Kuo Ryan

    Hi Hogan:
    I follwed your instruction for
    8) How to get rid of that space on the Blog page/post?
    but the problem remains, what can I do now?

  • Hi Kuo,

    Could you please send me the URL?

    Or you can also try the step suggested by paige (2 comments above yours) first.



  • Hun Vagabond

    Hello again! How can I set the size of the footer? I would like to make it thinner if it is possible….

  • Lenardo B Youmans

    Thanks for blessing the world with your creative genius and kindness. Would not have been able to get my business website up without you!

  • Add this to the custom css:

    .header-horizontal #header {
    text-align: inherit;
    padding: 0em 0;
    #footerwrap {
    padding: 0em 0 0em;

    The other code is for the header if you want to make it skinner too.. and you can change the figures infront of the “em” if you want to make it a have a little bit more padding.

  • Thank you for your kinds words! Really appreciate it and Good Luck with your business 🙂

  • Kuo Ryan

    Hi Hogan:
    I have tried your methd and the method from paige but the problem remains. What can I do now? Also, just want to double check with you, the theme that we are working on doesn’t support POLYLANG but it can support WPML, right?

  • Hun Vagabond

    You are the best dude!

  • Kuo Ryan

    Hi Hogan:
    I have tried your methd and the method from paige but the problem remains. What can I do now? Also, just want to double check with you, the theme that we are working on doesn’t support POLYLANG but it can support WPML, right?


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  • Hi Hogan, tks for this!

    But I have a problem. Everytime I click on Customize I get an error message with this “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 318161 bytes) in /home/storage/f/ec/be/aventurista1/public_html/novo/wp-content/plugins/easy-google-fonts/includes/class-egf-font-utilities.php on line 497” do you know how to fix it?

    Tks again.

  • Hi Rafael,

    Sorry, I am not quite sure. But a couple of things you can do is try to deactivate all the plugins first and try it.
    Did you install any other plugins which were not mentioned on video, sometimes it might conflict.
    And are you running it on local host or a normal hosting account such as hostgator?
    Also make sure you have updated to the latest wordpress framework and latest version of theme.
    Try those, first then let me know,


  • Drough Clark

    Hogan, I just got to the Typography step, but there is no Typography section within Customize. Any ideas?

  • Did you download the Easy Google Plugins or? Cause it should be there? Can you screen shot it (if you have downloaded and activated the easy google fonts)

  • Drough Clark

    Downloaded, but not activated. Fixed it now. Thank you for the help. (And thank you for the tutorial!)

  • Kuo Ryan

    Hi Hogan:
    I have tried your methd and the method from paige but the problem remains. What can I do now? Also, just want to double check with you, the theme that we are working on doesn’t support POLYLANG but it can support WPML, right?


  • Less than 24 Hours before this 40% Discount Offer Ends at 17th August 11:59PM EST – Read my Themify Club Review Here: http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/
    (Note: This is only for people who are building/built their websites and want Additional Support!)

  • Siham Jasnak

    Hi Hogan,

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial. I want to know if there is a way I can hide the header and main menu navigation on my Home page. Or if that is not possible, can I have a different header on my homepage? Please do reply. And thanks a lot again for your amazing work!

  • Hun Vagabond

    Hello again! In your video,your website does not have the top black bar.(you know the one with your admin name etc.) even if I’m logged out and use another browser,it is still sitting on the top of my page,why?

  • That, I have no idea. I’ve never seen that before if your logged out. Maybe screenshot it and post it here. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Have you followed the tutorial yet? Because it will show you everything you need to know. Including changing the header and menu navigation. And its pretty flexible. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Stanley van Kampen (DarQ Krul)

    Hello Hogan,

    I can’t find where to change the hover links for the dropdown menu when on mobile. I want to costumize it to the color i have in my normal header menu but I tried changing al the font options in costumize panel but without succes (only a way to change all the text in the desired color but I just want it to change when I hover over it.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this tutorial again. Really love the work you’ve put into it!

    Cheers, Stanley

  • Hun Vagabond

    Never mind,I figured.It was one of the plugins that I wanted to use for forum….:-( Thank you though!

  • Hey Hogan,

    Is there a way to have the call to action button take me to a different part of the same page? I’m trying to get it to scroll down to the contact info which i on the same page as the button.



  • Drough Clark

    Hi Hogan,

    When I follow the instructions in “Setting the Top Navigation Menu” I am running into a strange result. When I customize the navigation menu links to be different colors (both standard and hover), the changes go through without a hitch. I hit ‘Save and Publish’, close the Customize window, and they immediately revert back to black and red. If reopen customize they go back to the colors they should be, but again revert if I close it.

    Any chance there is a setting somewhere else that is overwriting what I am doing? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for all of your help!

  • Tariq

    Hi Hogan ,
    Thank you so much for your Them and most importantly the video. I am watching your video and working on website. Please let me know how much will I need to pay for my website to you per year.
    Kind regards,

  • Awesome, yeah sometimes plugins with conflict with wordpress themes. So if there is any problem deactivate them and see if it still happens.

  • Hi Stanley,

    This might require some custom css code, If there are no specific options to change it – to be honest I haven’t tried it myself yet. But you can get additional support on the themify forum – in many cases they can help with these small nuisances 🙂 But you just missed out on a 40% discount – but you can still get 20% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. Read my thoughts here: http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/

    Sorry, I can’t help with it because I’m not sure myself. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Yes, that’s the called the row anchors and I go through that in the tutorial : Please watch : Row Anchors at 2:56:16. That should help. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Hmmm…You might need to do some css for that, but I’m not sure how exactly. I think I might have
    encountered similar issues before though I forgot how I overcame it 🙁 I think possibly I just “reset all customization” and started from scratch : http://screencast.com/t/trbAw13WR5Nf

    Did you install any other plugins than the ones I specified in the tutorial? If so, try to deactivate them. And if last resort – maybe reinstall the theme. (follow the tutorial for that: How to Update Theme 2:58:51″

    If still didn’t work: I recommend getting a themify subscription as they provide support for 1 year at a bargain. Read here: http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/ (you can still get a 20% discount if you subscribe to their email list)

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • You don’t need to pay anything 🙂

    However if you want additional support, then yes. But get started with your website first and then read my thoughts on getting the subscription here: http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/

  • Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed this. But seems like you got the WPML working anyways! 🙂

    Can you please send me the space problem, exact URL?

    By the way, I recommend getting a yearly subscription with themify (you can still get 20% off by subscribing to their email list) – http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/

  • Hey Hogan,

    Thanks. I stopped a bit short of the end if the tutorial where you talk about that. I see it now.

    I’m unable to create pages. when I do and try and edit them I get an error. I’m I doing something wrong. I followed your instructions but its not working for me. any suggestions?

    thanks man, I’m really having fun building this web site! you”re a great teacher!



  • Are you building your site on local host? Or which hosting company are you using?
    I haven’t add any issues creating new pages? Can you please screenshot the error?

  • I am able to edit the page from the back side but after I press update and try to view the page I get this error. I’m able to My host is Register4less.

    any ideas?

  • Are you using latest version of theme (1.0.8) I think? And also update your wordpress to latest version?

    And if you installed any other plugins, deactivate them first. And then try and perhaps ask your host if you are having further issues – because I’m not quite sure what else can be done. I also recommend people to delete their old wordpress installation (if any) and just do a fresh one and start over. Hope that helps, Cheers, Hogan.

  • Thanks Hogan. I updated to the latest WP 4.3 recently. I wonder if something when wrong in that process. Is there a way to save the work that I have done so far and reinstall WP or will i have to start over?

  • Maybe try reinstall theme first. You can watch how to that its in the youtube description for the time. Saving the work, I’m not quite sure. But do try deactivate plugins first.

  • Cool. Thanks Hogan!

  • Hey, Before you try that..try to add the “menu active link” – because when you are customizing that page (known as the active page) it will revert back to the color because you haven’t set the color for the active link. For the other pages, the menu link hover will probably work as you have saved right?

  • Robert

    I have a white space between my footer and page

  • Rene van Veen

    Hey hogan.
    You use this little plugin to measure and capture 45 minutes into you video. I liked it but didn’t catch the name. Could you please inform us of that 🙂
    Rene oslo

  • Drough Clark

    Unfortunately this approach did not work. What is strange is that originally, it worked for the home page, but no other pages. After hitting ‘reset all customization’ and trying again it works nowhere. :- I will try the uninstall / reinstall theme approach later. Hopefully that does the trick.

  • Drough Clark

    Hmm, so curious and curiouser. I reviewed plugins and deactivated all of the ones you did not recommend. Suddenly, my changes took. 🙂 From there, I turned on each of the plugins one-by-one to see what happened. That helped me to identify W3 Total Cache as the likely culprit. (Which at first blush makes sense–it is caching the previous version not the updated version and displaying accordingly.)

    Here is where it gets weird though..if I make additional changes to the header with W3 Total Cache deactivated…they don’t take, only the changes made when it was activated. More so, if you clear the cache and try to view the website (with W3 Total Cache activated) it still reverts you back to the default approach. Just seems weird. Any thoughts would of course be welcome, I’ll continue to update here as I troubleshoot it in case it benefits anyone in the long term.

  • Drough Clark

    Hi Rene,
    It was Jing by TechSmith.

  • Hey Robert, try this: http://screencast.com/t/RYS4TjaMY
    Cheers, Hogan.

  • I know that W3 Total Cache when turned on – the front end builder won’t work. Only the backend will work.

  • Federico Gompertz

    Hey Hogan, Thanks again for your amazing tutorial! Thanks to this theme I shortened my learning curve dramatically and could stay away from Wix. You told me that you’ll like to put my page in a blog post of yours, so be my guest :).


  • Alex Anthony

    Hey Hogan,

    First off I want to say that your tutorial was absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anyone go into so much detail in a video, but also making a script form too. I can only imagine the amount of hours you put into this, and I thank you again for helping me out! The website im putting together is really taking shape, the only problem ive been having is on the blog page. For some reason I cant get the date in the red circle attached at the bottom of the feature image… It’s only showing up above the post. What do you recommend I do?

    Cheers man!

    Alex Anthony

  • Isabela López

    Hogan Chua , perfect video, great website, its look you really put a lot of effort into it, dont stop making videos. A quick question for you or anyone im trying to use a translate plug in for english and spanish, but i cannot translate the parts that are in the theme builder , only the parts that are outside but my pages all are in them builders, and right now i cannot afford to oay for the wpml plugin, are there any others to translate inside the theme builder? any help will be grateful.

  • Zur En Arrh

    Hey Hogan,

    Your video is amazing. It is perfect for an amateur like me. Thank you! By the way, I just want to ask how to make the background of the accordion and tab transparent.

    Again, thank you.

    Peter N.

  • Thanks man! Will do 🙂

  • Your Welcome! Sorry, I think the date naturally is above the feature image. I’m still yet to figure that out, will try to do so this week. But for the time being you can follow this – http://hoganchua.com/faq/#three to make sure the date is moved down a lil bit. Or for the time being turn off the date?
    Will add this into one of the to do lists for this week and update a solution in the FAQ solution when I can. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Have replied to your YouTube comment 🙂 Thanks. And also Good Luck!

  • Hi Peter,

    Thank you! & I just tested it out and this should do the trick – http://screencast.com/t/BcSB7hGy4C

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Dimos

    Hi Hogan,
    Is possible to move the logo on the left just 10px. from the page begin?

  • Sarah

    Hi Hogan,

    First of all, thanks for the theme and tutorial, much appreciated.
    I would like to use the portfolio layout similar to the one in Ultra’s Demo (https://themify.me/demo/themes/ultra/portfolio/portfolio-layouts/), more specifically the “Grid 3 Masonry Grayscale Polariod”. As per my understanding it should be a themify shortcode I can add, but I’ve tried and its not working. Please assist.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Dimos,

    Great site so far! You can try here : http://screencast.com/t/IgASK5Xr17ko

  • Dimos

    Thank you so much Hogan!

    I just try it but the logo doesn’t stick on the header.

    May ask you something? do you know any plugin for real estate to working properly with Ultra themes?
    Because i try the WP Listings and i have a issue in tha main WP listing page.
    The side bar are not in the same height with the post page. Is a ultra themes problem or is better to change the plugin?

    and one last 🙂 the social icons are not in the center of the circle (lol)


  • Doug Kercher

    hi hogan good to see a fellow aussie doing this for us. I had a quick question… this link in footer doesn’t seem to work.

    Contact (edited with space before first a so it shows up, link I used shows as clickable link Contact below


    It goes to this link


    and gives a 404 error.

    Thanks mate Doug

  • Sarah

    Hi Hogan,

    First of all, thanks for the theme and tutorial.
    I have created a custom menu other than the main navigation and have placed it as a widget on my page.
    Now if I would like to have this menu stay in a fix position on the screen even with scrolling up and down the page is it possible? I have try to add a position: fixed or position: absolute CSS but seems to have failed.

    Please help.

    Many Thanks

  • How are you adding the link? Add this link to the footer section (http://screencast.com/t/9yUYs889Uq)


  • I think it is possible, but personally I have not tested it yet. I will look into it when I have some free time and perhaps make a quick video along with other things (that other people have requested).
    If it’s urgent – I recommend getting a themify membership with 20% discount – I think it should be as simple as adding some CSS or something.

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Sarah

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Hey man,

    You can add:

    #menu-icon:before { color: white;

    For the menu icon, to change colour. (you know the menu icon when on mobile screen)

  • Someone from the wordpress forum answered me just yesterday, thanks anyway for your help Hogan! I took me a lot of time to find the code to make the columns the same height, so maybe it could be useful for you to.

  • hey hogan, i’ve search for a long time on how to set an specific image size but haven’t found the proper CSS or something that works in the edit panel. Do you know how to do that? 🙂

  • John Clay

    Hi Hogan, Sorry to see the video down. There are so many trolls now days…it just sucks. I really enjoyed your video and referred back to it on a regular basis. Is there anyway for the admirers to still view it? I’m just glad i copied your written instructions…Just want you to know I really appreciated the time you must have out in making it and if there is anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you have a google plus or review page I would be honored to give you a great review. If you know who a**hole that attacked you was I have some black hat ways of making in his life miserable also…two can play at that game…I guess you were taking money out of their pocket…Please let me know if you make any other videos… my email is southcharlotteservices@gmail.com

    Kind regards,
    John Clay

  • The video is reuploaded 🙂 and it has motivated me to work even harder. And also uploaded some quick tutorials answering some commonly asked questions. Thanks for your support John. The best way is to just focus on my own improvement and self development. Cheers, Hogan. P.S and a review on the youtube video would be awesome! Appreciate it.

  • John Clay

    You are the man…look forward to it…hope you kept my email…
    Thanks again

  • Hugo Subil

    Hey Hogan,

    I’m working on a new website for my Stat Up. I’ve watched your tutorial which is amazing and help us a lot. It’s wonderful to do that and share it to the world, sincerely.
    I have only a request to create our perfect website like we imagine it… the objective of our website is to combine our project and the article we’ve written to give the best consulting we can for our clients.
    In fact, we want to create a part in our homepage to show our “last work” or “last article” which are on another page. Is there a technic to create a “loop” / a plug in / or other thing (I’m very beginner on WordPress sorry…) to put this subjects on the Homepage without doing this manually after writing / posting each article/project?
    We thank you again and again for your tutorial and your help.
    Best regards !

    PS: I’m sorry for my english, which I’m trying to improve too !!

  • SmileyFtW

    Am having difficulty updating the theme to 1.0.8. I deleted the previous version after exporting the settings, and after I browse to and select the updated zip file and click Install Now the browser just keeps going round and round with the Tab message saying Waiting for mysite.net – any suggestions?

  • Could you please share a screenshot? You can try uploading via your file manager (cpanel) by watching this quick video: https://youtu.be/YAF08HFgM-U

    Hope that helps.
    P.S also updating version 1.09 now 🙂

  • Thank you man, Appreciate it.
    You can add a “post module” onto your homepage which will show the blog posts. Or perhaps a slider which shows your posts. Then you just write the articles in the “posts” section inside your wordpress dashboard. Or can show an example of a website which has what you are looking for, perhaps I can create a video for it in the future 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • Drough Clark


    How would one go about changing the color scheme for some of the responsive web design aspects of the website? Specifically–the hamburger / menu icon that pops up when the website is viewed on mobile.

    Thank you for all your help,

  • I think this is what you are looking for 🙂 Let me know if not.

    Thank you!

    P.S if you have time leave a comment on my main video, helps me out! Appreciate it

  • Drough Clark

    That absolutely did the trick. Next time I will remember to check the FAQ first!


  • Carey

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the video I’m so proud of my site now and it’s all because of you. I’m 48 and have trouble remembering like I used to but you made it so easy with your notes and the video I was able to make a great site.

  • Thanks for your kind words ! Appreciate it. And glad the notes helped too 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • Thankshogan

    Hey Hogan,

    I have a few questions

    First how should I not show the footer on the homepage?

    Second If I send a test message in contact form 7 and send it never arrives in my mail how to fix this?

    (sorry for my bad english)

  • bilal

    Hai i am so happy to see a tutorial like this….thanks for your kindness…now i am making my companies website in this way…but i have a problem that when i split the raw’s to three or two columns the contents looks very bigger but in the tutorial it looks normal…please help me to solve this problem….i will attach the snap here…

  • bachf

    Hey Hogan,

    firstly thanks for ur greatest tutorial here…..
    i have one question, i install the wordpress locally with WAMP server, and when i try to install the “themify_ultra” one wrong messange is appearced in my window as u can see in the attached photo. how can i fix it? thx man……

  • http://hoganchua.com/faq/#six – this should help 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • You need to set it to your email. See : http://screencast.com/t/HaPjqKmk9aa

    And to not show footer for the page: http://screencast.com/t/cjK6YQzg
    So for your homepage just select that option and it will disappear.

    I highly recommend getting a themify member for 20% off – will save you a ton of time and really take your website to the next level expecially if you want extra customizations – http://hoganchua.com/themify-review/

  • SmileyFtW

    I’ve been away from my project for a couple of weeks. Hope to get back to it soon. Once I do I will try your suggestion and post a screenshot if I am unsuccessful. Thank you so much!

  • bachf

    thank you so much your help, just fix the problem, im figuring out how to configure “Google Fonts” individually in each “page” but i see if the “Default Typography” is configured with “roboto” and its affecting to all your “pages”. how can i do that, thx again

  • You can edit that font in the individual text modules in the styling tab? Did you try that or?

  • bachf

    yep, i already tried, as the entire theme is under “defeault typograhy” even you change “styling tab” in the single “page”, its still “nothing happens”….

    now im trying.. Dashboard-Settings-Google fonts-creat a new font control-Add CSS Selectors

    i will let you know the results

  • Zoltan

    Federico, this is nice work!

    I was also trying to use video background but it does not work with the newer versions of the theme. However, on your front page the video background plays well.

    Which version of the Themify Ultra have you used for you website? Would you be willing to share your version of the theme with me? I have asked Hogan for the older version of 1.0.2 which he used for the video, but he has deleted, or lost it. So I am trying to find a way to get a version which displays video background properly.


  • Essienekpo, Emmanuel

    You are one of the heroes. As a computer Technologist, your work has inspired me into website development. Thanks a lot.

  • Hey Zoltan! Thanks!

    I’m using the last version of themify. I’m getting problems with the new version also but the video works well for now.

    The last version I have is from 18-018-2015, don’t know if u want it.


  • Zoltan

    Thanks Federico, I have also got the latest versions 1.0.8, 1.1.0, and 1.1.1.

    Unfortunately in these versions the video background is not playing on the Services page of the tutorial. After loading some sample layouts found a Demos – header background – video background, which plays well on my PC as well. It appears, that the video background of the header is OK, but not the video background of the module containers.

    I will continue looking for the older version 1.0.2 that Hogan used for the video. Hopefully in mean time a new version will fix these bugs, and we will not need older versions.

  • Hope ir works al good for you 🙂

  • Fedajkin

    Hey Hogan! Thx for great tutorial but i got a little problem… on first page i wated to make a text with span class, not H2, H3… i wrote
    Związek Drużyn Bełchatowskich jest wspólnotą drużyn działających na terenie Gminy Bełchatów.
    created .home-headline in font control but when i set fonts colors etc., its nothing change on main site, what do i wrong?

  • Jason Mitchell

    Very cool video. By far the easiest to follow by a country mile. Just a quick question, how does the theme react will the install of bbpress & woocommerce? These plugins are the core of my website.
    do they play nicely with the theme?

    thanks Jason, Birmingham, UK

  • SmileyFtW

    Hi Hogan. I am back at it. I deleted the version of Ultra that I had and verified that it was indeed gone by browsing the file manager per the video. I then downloaded the latest version from your web site. I then used WP to install the newest version. I got a “Successful install” message and then was instructed to install the required plugin: Themify Portfolio Posts. Using WP I get the following install failure screen. I go back to the file manager and see that the them is now there and there is a .zip file in the plugins folder for Ultra: the themify-portfolio-posts.zip. What am I doing wrong?

    Also, my file manager does not appear to have an option to extract files from a zip archive like yours in the video does.

  • Fiorella

    Suddenly my 2 gallery widgets are not working – they do not show up after including the images, I have tried to add them again but still do not appear. They were working ok a day ago. Is this due to a new WP configuration issue?

  • Arish Ido Barlev

    Hi Hogan Great work here! vis this theme is working with WooComerece ?

    Kind Regards

  • Thanks buddy!

  • Not quite sure, Are you able to download the latest version 1.1.2 of Ultra theme and see if that helps – also watch the video again as I’ll show you how to update theme (see times in description)

    Let me know! Cheers, Hogan

  • Yes it does:)

  • Arish Ido Barlev

    Thanks what about slider ? does it have one

  • Scott

    I have a +- 5px white bar between the header container and the container below it… It doesn’t matter if my header design is “header horizontal”, or “Header top bar”, this 5px bar still appears under the header.

    Any ideas on how to remove it?


  • Scott

    Found the “culprit”…

    I now have no idea where to find this entry…

    Please advise.

  • darren


    Thanks for your help. I had a question. After I download Themify to my WordPress
    themes, I click on the file and it opens up lots of different files. Not sure which one to click. Would you have any suggestions?

  • Which part are you up to? Can u please screenshot it. Also check the faq. Have you downloaded the zip file fine to computer?

  • Did you use and plugin or make any edits to your wordpress before installing themify. Check your pages. And on the text area.. there might be some invisible spacing there you may need to remove.

  • Scott

    Thanx for the prompt reply Hogan

    You are onto something… I installed the theme on a fresh install of wordpress – a new domain site – and don’t have the same problem.

    I may have to start from scratch – unfortunate

    Thanks again Hogan

  • No problems, cause sometimes it causes some conflicts. Cheers. Hogan

  • arnav

    hello Hogan,
    thank you for such a wonderful tutorial…u helped me make my website. However I have a problem. I am using sticky header and when the header floats the texts (menu links) automatically get white & because of that they get disappear when I open the mobile menu. I have tried changing the font colour of every possible menu/links but this thing remains the same. Can you give me a solution..?

  • Scott

    There’s a new Ultra 1.1.3 update 🙂

  • PartyKai Johansen

    Love this. How can i create the 4 buttons you have on Your startpage?

  • Uploaded the newest version.
    Please follow the part where I show you up to update theme in the tutorial 🙂 – make sure to back up and export settings as shown in the video.
    Incase the settings get deleted you can import those settings back.
    P.S. It would be awesome if you could like/comment on the video 🙂 it helps me out and be much appreciated.

  • I’ve used the builder addon – tiles plugin (https://themify.me/addons/tiles). It’s normally $15? But in a few days, I might have a 50% coupon or you can use the 30% now and I’ll also make a quick tutorial on how to use it. Also, it’s probably best to get all of them for $39 🙂 Much better value.

  • Calvin Yoo

    Hi Hogan,

    Nice tutorial. After I update (via FTP), I have a problem in putting a TEXT module in Themify Builder on a page. Even I try re-upload 1.13 version or 1.11 version, but still face same problem. Other modules seem are OK. Thanks in advance.

  • Calvin Yoo

    I just found the root cause: plugin ‘Xpert Tab’ crashes with this theme in Text module. Deactivate this has solved problem. TQ….

  • PartyKai Johansen

    How can i change the link color in the menu that pops up?
    its red and awful.. Thanx for the really nice tutorial…

  • Scott

    Thank you Hogan.
    Question… Should I use a child theme? Does using a child theme affect whether I save the settings, or not, as described in the video?

  • Calvin Yoo

    Hi Hogan,

    Need your help instead. I wish to change Menu Link Hover colour, I changed as attach picture shown BLUE, but the colour still shown RED. Isn’t I did any wrong? TQ.

  • Scott

    A heads up… The 50% discount coupon code HOGAN is not presently being accepted in the Themify checkout.

  • it works for me? Can you screenshot it?

  • Scott


  • I see, It only works for “Ultra Theme”. I will email them about it, perhaps just use the 30% code : THANKSGIVING. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Uzümákî Ksr

    Greating brother,

    First of all you’re helped me a lot, Thank You Very Much …… That now i able to get my website online now. However i still got another question, How can i add Header slide with content like your home page ?

  • Calvin Yoo

    Hey Hogan,
    Hope you can share with us how to make Google Map as background in Row Background. Or is there any step can do with map module? Any advice? Appreciate your great help!

  • You can use “HOGAN” now, with 40% OFF All Memberships (excluding lifetime) only valid until 31st October. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Alex

    hi Hogan, thanks for you video, I want to disable the comments form. But no matter I disable comments on the setting or not, the comment form still there. Do you have a solution about this? waiting your reply. thanks

  • That is in the latest update 1.1.4 (will upload later this week)
    P.S I think the Themify Membership would be of great help to you 🙂 Because they can help with customizations etc much faster and better than I can. And the 40% coupon only lasts till 31st of October 🙂 But mostly cause it’s going to save you hours of playing around with settings! Cheers, Hogan.

  • Will make a video for this – this week 🙂 and upload to youtube. Make sure to subscribe 🙂

  • I’m using the slider pro plugin – https://themify.me/addons/slider-pro (will make a tutorial on this soon too!). Cheers, Hogan.

  • I’m not 100% sure as a background – where you can actually add text modules etc on top.
    But the alternative is you can drop the map module into there, make sure to set the “content width” in Themify Custom Panel to Full width for that specific page. And then for the Row Module that the map is in – make sure to set the “Row width” to full width as well. Again, I think it’s something themify support can help you with some additional CSS code 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • Sander

    Hi Hogan,

    First of all, thank you for the great tutorial!

    I refer to the question of Arnav concerning the sticky header. When the header floats the texts (menu links) automatically get white & because of that they get disappear when I open the mobile menu. Also the hover effect is not working anymore when the header floats.

    Any idea how to solve this one?

  • Ankan Php

    Hi, Hogan… 🙂 please tell me how to add sub-menu background color. Thank you.

  • Ankan Php

    Hi, Hogan 🙂 please help me how to add sub-menu background color.

  • waseem waseem

    Hey Hogan,

    i try to apload them but i have this problem

    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

  • waseem waseem

    and i really like you video so smooth and very easy step to follow

  • Ankan Php

    go to the php.ini file and search upload file. Then change it to your on way. It’s default 2MB

  • David Mayabi

    Thanks alot for the tutorial just have a question on the blog part when someone tries to subcribe for the newsletter there is an error telling them to try again later

  • Jiří Kulda

    Hey Hogan,
    This is a great tutorial. But the actual version of Themify Ultra has a bug. Could you upload the newest version to your page?


  • Cheers for all of the info mate. And thank you for the 40% coupon :)) Upgraded my subscription to ‘all themes’ at no extra cost!!

    Henry Stradford

  • Alex

    hi Hogan, I am still waiting for your video, don’t forget to post after you make the video… lol

  • Victor Alegria

    I see an update for themify ultra version 1.1.4. its asking for user name and password. what should i do?

  • PeterBurns

    Hi Hogan,

    Fantastic tutorial – thank you 🙂

    one quick question if I may, is there a way of disabling the navigation and pagination when using a background slider ?

    Thanks in advance

  • PeterBurns

    dont worry ive found thankfully 🙂

  • Afrah Group

    hi, thanks for such a wonderful tutorial, I’ve just succeeded in making my 1st wordpress website 🙂 just need a quick help how do I change the appearence or font color or size of the sub-menu item, I’ve added the sub-menu item but it looks really bad, can you help?
    Thank you again for all the support.

  • Hey budy, after a lot of pain I found out the problem was with the server. I just “finished” the website aventurista.tur.br with your help. Thanks a lot.
    I am just having one little problem, the contact form shows a positive message but I never recive it. Do you have any idea of what could be the problem? I’ve checked all the settings but could not find something wrong… tks

  • Ray

    Hi Hogan,

    Great tutorial, it made building a website so much easier.

    I have got a question about the image grayscale filter. Is it possible to not have it on. I want the images (especially the slides) the way they are.

    I set the checkbox to none ( Theme settings tab, Image Hover Filter > Select Greyscale) but it does not work
    is there a css line to add to the css box in customizer?


  • puss mannu

    hey hogan, thank you so much for your effort, i am very very new and i am in beginner level i learned a lot thank you so much you are just awesome. hogan i am facing one problem, my customize page is blank. i tried so much but really i am fed up with this. its blank. please help me, please help me..

  • Viyom agrawal

    Hi hogan,
    this is great, all thanks to you my website is online, however, there is something id like to ask you
    whenever my mouse goes over a picture on any page in the website, the picture becomes black and white. how can i get rid of that?

  • Scott

    Hey Hogan and Community

    I have run into a wee challenge… I have set an image to the background container with Themify Builder (full width and height). However, the image itself doesn’t scale for mobile phones; and I presume for other small devices. The module structure does, the image not.

    What are the steps for rectifying this? CCS3 Code?


    P.s. Ditti what FREE said

  • Charles Feriend

    Hogan, Great stuff… Im running into a bug to wear my blog page wont save the color I want on the Header. ie about, resources, blog. keeps reverting to what you have.

  • Charles Feriend

    I want to set the header navigation to Black. like on my other pages. this keeps reverting to the white you have.and only on the Blog page help?

  • I think this video might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HOJ1NsbKc0

  • I think this video may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HOJ1NsbKc0 Let me know!

  • Awesome!

  • kjell_ericson

    A big THANK YOU! Both the video and the written tutorial are fantastic!!! Now when I start on my own I see that the downloaded images do not shrink to the width (size) of the actual sqreen (iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and a small pc). What am I doing wrong; I tried every (?) kombination of Full Cover, Content Width? With the wish there is a solution!

  • Ray

    Hello Hogan,
    It turned out I did not set the hover to none at the page itself.
    Thanks for the video. Ray

  • Mylene Tardif

    You are awesome! Although I am a pretty sharp cookie, I was totally confused by the Themify tutorial and mystified by what each of the settings for creating a website were suppose to do. You are my hero. Thanks much!!!!!

  • Chris Jameson

    Hi Hogan,

    you’re doing a great job dude, keep it up. Thanks for this guide. It’s awesome.

    Do you have any experience with creating multi-language sites? I’m in the process of creating a dual-language site and am wondering which route to take. Separate WordPress sites or use a plugin, etc… There’s a ton of info on the net, but I wanted to ask your opinion. Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • Chris Jameson

    Nevermind! I decided to go with the multi-site option here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

  • Andrea S

    Hi Logan, Thanks so much for putting this up! When I download the latest version of themify-ultra, the zip file is missing. All of the files have been expanded. Please advise!

  • dan m

    Hi Hogan,
    Thanks for this tutorial, is a good job!
    I have a question, why if I try to put a color logo don’t take it just in grey shades?

  • Andrea S

    Thank you!!!

  • dan m

    I discover in the Theme Settings. Thank you anyway!

  • PeterBurns

    Hi Hogan,

    Any chance of a tutorial on creating a gallery portfolio with Ultra ?


  • jawed ahmed

    Hi Hogan,
    Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. However, how can I add social tabs at top of header

  • Karl Meidroppe

    Hi Hogan,

    maybe you have an idea about this “easy google font” topic:

    in a local installation Google Fonts are integrated in the normal Typography Tab, everything perfect.
    (Ultra > Customize > Typography > Default Typography)
    In an installation on my webserver the Google Fonts don’t show up. Only “Standard Web Fonts” are shown.

    They do appear in
    Ultra > Customize > Typography > Default Typography > Themify Options > Advanced Options > Heading
    but there is no passibility to change “font-weight/style” etc

    How to make them appear in “Default Typography”?
    Any idea?

    Thanks a lot + keep on going!

    btw. A google font API ID is already inserted

  • Karl Meidroppe

    Maybe a .htaccesss password authentication locked the google fonts out???
    A deactivation and new activation of “easy google fonts” without .htaccess password protection fixed this issue.

  • You might have missed a step. You will need to go your Ultra> themify settings > general > scroll down to the bottom and enable all fonts 🙂

  • I love this theme and thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to add another font to use in the site title called cinzel decorative. It is a Google font. I added Google Font and Google Font Manager plugins and got an API and then added the Cinzel Decorative font to the website but it doesn’t show up as a choice. Do you have any idea how to get it added? Thanks

  • Pingback: How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website – 2015!Viral Raid | Viral Raid()

  • Karl Meidroppe

    Hi Hogan,

    thanks for the reply.
    No, I didn’t miss that step.
    Anyway, a new activation solved the problem.


    Hi Mate,
    I have an issue with the customise menu as it doesn’t show the preview on the right, only a loading icon and it never loads. The menus do appear but they are all elongated and slow to load. I have deleted wp and had fresh install, deactivated the widgets not needed, but yet it still happening. I thought it was the themify theme corrupted or something. Any idea why this is happening? Anyone else had this issue?

  • runner

    Hey, how are we supposed to update the theme when it is installed? It requires login credentials??

  • Hi there, you can get the themify membership – if you like the theme. Which they will provide you with user/pass details for auto updates. Additionally you get 1 year support. But even if you don’t everything will still work fine 🙂 For more info: http://hoganchua.com/important-update/ . Cheers, Hogan.

  • Sorry Rainer, I’m not sure exactly…Maybe another plugin. Cheers, Hogan.

  • You’ll probably need to add a widget up there… Might do a video soon 🙂 will keep it on my list. Or you can try the themify membership and get quicker support. Really sorry, I am unable to do one right now cause of time constraints. Hope you understand. Cheers, Hogan.

  • Awesome!

  • I will put it on my list !

  • Your welcome!

  • Pattie

    I’m following your tutorial and every time I try to upload the themify-ultra from my downloads I get the following message: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

  • Pattie, you can refer to the FAQ. That should help you out 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • Pattie

    Thank you! I’ve just gotten so frustrated trying to get started on this website. So I thank you so much!

  • No problems!

  • Steve

    Hi Hogan, amazing tutorial!

    What version of the theme is available for download from your website?

  • Hi Steve, its 1.1.4 🙂 its a stable version! Cheers, Hogan.

  • ganzbeitrost

    Hi Hogan!

    This is a great tutorial – many thanks.

    Can you give me an advice how to customize meta information on post) I want to change the date format and add a timestamp.

    Regards from Munich!


  • Ali Talib

    Hi Hogan, great tutorial mate however as soon as i click on customize the only output i get us page not found 404 error. kindly help so i can rectify this problem and follow your directions to creating a website please.

  • Which browser you using…Try Google Chrome..if not please screenshot it 🙂 Cheers, Hogan.

  • Ali Talib

    I’m using Google Chrome fella and attached is the screenshot. cheers bud

  • have you downloaded any plugins, perhaps you can try to deactivate them first. Sometimes there might be some conflicts. Then test it.

  • PeterBurns

    Excellent – thank you 🙂

  • CGA

    Hi Hogan!

    First of all, thanks for all this great work. I started without a clue and thanks to you I am building something I can be proud of 😀

    I have two questions, the fist is how can I change the widths of the columns in a row, the theme offers 13 of them, but they don’t fully cover my needs, is there a way to change the widths? (I could go through the code if needed, I’ve looked around but nothing)
    The second is, can I choose the screen size for which those columns change to be rows in the responsive mode?

    I would really appreciate if you could help me. Thanks in advance

  • melanie batty

    Hi Hogan, Thank you so much for what you have given us. I have a problem with pixlr.com. I am attempting to do what you have in your video with the logo. However on the right hand side where the boxes are so that I can untick the first layer there is a HP advertisement which I can not remove. As a result I can not see the full width of the boxes to enable me to un tick the box. I have reduced the internet screen to 50% and this does not work either. Its driving me slightly mad this morning. Your help would be greatly appreciated

  • Denys Gonchar


    Fantastic Video and Tutorial!! One of the best ! Thank you!!!

    My website is finished but the font keeps changing from Roboto to Times New Roman on all Apple devices….

    Does anybody have that problem??? What’s the solution??? Thank you!!!


  • Mochamad Maki

    hi hogan
    whether ultra theme free for all or only a trial only.
    Thank you

  • Full version, please read my FAQ 🙂

  • Mochamad Maki

    Thanks you Hogan 🙂

  • Jan de Wit

    hi Hogan, first of all thanks for the tremendous support and all the helpful information. I do have a question. I purchase the Ultra Theme and following your instructions I very soon run into 404 error both on Post and Page. I also cannot create any post nor page anymore. Am trying to recreate this error and it happen time and time again ( I just removed WordPress and installed again and again). Following your instructions on “http://hoganchua.com/how-to-create-a-wordpress-website-in-2015/#themifysettings”, I am not getting any further as “Home Page Settings”. I finally removed and installed WP again and installed the version Themify from “how to” page. No problem here………… Any suggestion?

  • Dragan Milosevic

    Dear Hogan, thank you for the gr8 experience! This tutorial was very helpful.

    I just can’t find the plugin that you use to find the dimensions of web page elements – you call it “Gene” (if I spelled it correctly). Can you provide me the link where to download it? It would be very useful for me.

    Best regards from Novi Sad, Serbia.

    If you ever come to my country, you have a beer! :))

  • Dragan Milosevic

    Wow, that was asap 😀 thank you! Best reagrds!

  • When I try to upload the theme it says the file is too big.

  • John Yarrow

    First, Hogan, thanks so much for the tutorial. It’s easy to follow and I like the way you think. I’ve gotten stuck at the 44:00 mark where you say to import a back ground page. the icon on the icon on the menu bar to the left of gutter spacing does not appear so i have no way of importing the background image.

  • It should be on the right hand side, for the row options. The layout changed slightly, because I had to update to the latest version (more features). Let me know, if you can’t find it.

  • John Yarrow

    Crud… I can’t believe I missed that. 🙂 thanks for the quick response. And thanks so much for doing this! John

  • John Yarrow

    Okay, now I’m stuck on the text editor. It does not give me the option to use WYSIWYG for entering text. Sorry to be a pain/slow learner. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/929f8c02c14d07abdd900cfac85c9e9d1aa0e400577ebb4a8ed10a7100a774c5.jpg

  • Patricia Carrasco Ruiz

    Hi Hogan! I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’d never thought I’d be able to make my own website, amazing!! You have been an awesome mentor, congratulations on this brilliant work 🙂 I am now almost finished but there is something that is driving me crazy, I would really appreciate it if you could advice me on this.
    When I try to load the map in Google Maps, the map doesn’t show up and this is what appears instead:
    “Oops! Something went wrong.This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

    I’ve reserached online and apparently I am not the only one having this issue and it’s got something to do with the API key? Anyway, I tried to sort it out following different tutorials but I am still stuck. Please please please, I need your help!

    Also, another question! Is there anyway of modifying how the top submenu looks?

    One again, thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Google recently required people to create an API key. Um, you can shoot me at email to creativeway10@gmail.com with your url, user/password – then I’ll need to update the theme for free or you can get the membership and have the option to auto update.. Then you’ll have a new option to Add in Google API Key. And then your Google Maps will load.

    Then you can go to: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key, then copy your API key and paste it in Themify > Settings > Google Maps page.

  • You might have accidently dropped in the “plain text” module rather than the normal “text” module 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hi Hogan, Great tutorial! I have my website published but the parallax is very sticky, not smooth at all when scrolling through. Any suggestions?

  • Patricia Carrasco Ruiz

    That would be amazing, thanks so much Hogan. I will drop you an email straight away 🙂 Really appreciate it!

  • Whats your URL? of that page. Cheers Hogan.

  • Seems like can’t login – maybe password is wrong? Let me know. Cheers Hogan.

  • Patricia Carrasco Ruiz

    Indeed Hogan! I reset it last night and it didn´t reset properly sorry. I’ve just tried and it works now 🙂 sorry for wasting your time!

  • I have upgraded it and replied email 🙂 let me know if you have any problems, Cheers Hogan.

  • Lisa
  • You Thank

    Hello Hogan,

    After successful installing the theme Themify Ultra, it can be only opened on the browser which is under login status of the wordpress account. For all other themes, they works smooth and without any problems.

    Can you help me? I really like this theme very very very much!

  • Go to themify settings > themify builder > disable builder cache > save. Hope that helps. Hogan

  • You Thank

    It works. Hogan, thank you very much!
    Wish you all the best!

  • Sander Miesse

    Hi hogan,

    How do I get the membership? I have the same problem.

    Like all the other happy pleople I thank you allot for teaching! it is by far the best tutorial on the web !!!

    Kind regards

  • You can get the membership, which includes 1 year support/updates – http://hoganchua.com/get/ultrayt (which I highly recommend) & USE: HOGAN for 30% or check out my facebook page with my 2nd latest post – https://www.facebook.com/Hogan-Chua-102927366720925/ (which I’ll tell you how to fix it after you’ve updated it). And thanks for the kind words, if you haven’t already give it a big thumbs up haha

  • Patricia Carrasco Ruiz

    Hi again Hogan!
    Sorry to bother you again, I’m struggling to find a way to create my own customised payment form. Any advice on what pluggins I can use and how I can do it?
    It would be amazing if you also know how to create another customised registration form other than the contact form you designed.

    Once again, THANK YOU SOO MUCH in advance 🙂

  • Jae Yeon Kwak

    Hi! Thanks for an amazing post:)
    I am your supporter from South Korea!
    I am following your tutorial and can’t proceed any further because I just can’t get Themify builder to work. It just won’t activate 🙁
    Please find attached photo below, It is my screec shot and obiously themify is not the only problem. (I don’t know why i have that Latest tweet tap and etc..)
    As of now, I just want to ignore the other problems and learn all the features and basically how this program works if i can get the Themify builder up and going. Can you please tell me what did i do so wong by looking at the screen capture?
    Thank you so so much and keep up the good work 🙂

  • Jae Yeon Kwak

    Sorry, here is an image 🙂

  • Um could you change the WordPress language to english, and then send me your URL, username and password to creativeway10@gmail.com and then I can check the builder? (so you are turning on the builder but it doesn’t load?) Let me know, Hogan. I also recommend using Google Chrome.

  • simon watson

    Hey Paul your tutorial is very very helpful BUT, I have done some of what you have suggested and it looks ok BUT, the main nav menu is overlapped by the post title hhheelllpppp lolol?

  • simon watson

    haha sorry many apologies I was just talking to a Paul on the phone mate 😉

  • simon watson

    here is the link so u can see to what I am referring! http://whatisweightlossabout.com

  • simon watson

    please help me I am at a loss and as a result all my rankings av dropped 🙁 not in the first 20 pages any more mate :

  • Stephen Bender

    Hello Hogan. I am having a problem with the bbpress login widget when I try to use it in a bbpress forum sidebar (see below). Is bbpress not compatible with Themify? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve


  • Seems like you’ve added a “post module” right? If so, you can add some “TOP” Padding to that module. i.e 5% or 10% and then save. Let me know.

  • Constant Nosa Olotu

    hi thanks for the great tutorial. please how can I reduce the space between wo rows? I have too much space in between
    see http://www.centrixng.com

  • Imani Lester

    Hello! I uploaded the Themify theme a couple months ago and it looks great! Works a charm. I recently however had to re-download it and attempted to upload the theme into a new account for a client, and it has completely crashed the site! After installing I get the message below and am not able to sign in ADMIN or even view the site. Any help on this would be appreciated!

    Warning: require_once(THEMIFY_DIR/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/bvlester/public_html/virtuosityarts.com/wp-content/themes/Themify_ZIP_I/theme-functions.php on line 2015

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘THEMIFY_DIR/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/php55/lib/php’) in /home2/bvlester/public_html/virtuosityarts.com/wp-content/themes/Themify_ZIP_I/theme-functions.php on line 2015

  • I think it would be best to contact your host about this issue, I remember a few people having problems with plugins which crashed the site- and then they contacted their host and they resolved the issue. ‘

    Cheers Hogan

  • dude

    i cannot get the map on my website. I followed your advice and maps would not load. i’m using a mac. any advice?

  • Please check FAQ. Let me know how that goes. Cheers

  • Susan Ngigi

    Hey Hogan,

    I have been following your tutorials which have helped me a lot in building my website. I do have a few questions in the social link part as they are not showing even after following your step to step instructions.

    Please kindly assist me.

    Is there an email I can contact you on?


  • Did you add the social widget to your widgets?


  • dude

    i don’t have google maps under Themify settings.how do i add google maps in the themify? should i just add the google maps widget?

  • Please re-download the theme from youtube description. And update it following: https://themify.me/docs/upgrading#reinstall
    (settings/content will remain)

  • Kachina

    Hi Hogan thanks again for this amazing tutorial. Quick question having an issue with the Mail chimp short code I see on your video when you go to the forms for mail chimp it seemed you already have the shortcode that included the subscribe enter your email address all I have showing up is the sign up button shortcode can’t seem to find the write shortcode it’s not in there anyone else have this problem?

  • You’ll have to create a new form. For example, name it, “newsletter” and then you will get the shortcode, that you can use to paste anywhere on your site. Also, make sure to connect mailchimp with the plugin.

  • Kachina

    Thanks so much will give that a try. Also another quick question. How to I get my site to show up on the first page of google? when I search my name it comes on like the 3rd page I feel like I saw an article where you explained this but I can’t seem to find it. thank you!

  • Lisa Armstrong

    Hi, I’m so thrilled I found your youtube video along with step by step instructions. Truly the best tutorial I’ve ever seen on any product. I followed your tutorial but I need to know how to create a site -theme with a boxed in look so my background will show for the entire site. I’m not seeing or understanding how to create that. Here is a sample site of what I’m trying to do: https://themify.me/themes/elemin

  • You can choose a boxed header layout. See: http://screencast.com/t/dubLgSLvTlWF

  • Lisa Armstrong

    Perfect!! Not sure why I wasn’t seeing that. But somehow I have the logo image overlapping the large image. I cannot get the module to go above the image module. What am I doing wrong? http://www.lafollettedesign.com
    Thanks so much!

  • Lisa Armstrong

    You mention joining for more support. I bought the Ultra theme yesterday, so not sure what else I’m suppose to buy. Now I see there are coupons and it’s also on sale!

  • Yep, you are able to post your questions in the forum and they (the team) will answer your questions quicker 🙂

  • tara

    hi, did you solve this? i’m having the same problem…

  • Are you refering to the mobile side menu? If so, I’ve made a video on how to change the colours for that area here: https://youtu.be/1HOJ1NsbKc0?t=2m2s (starts at 2mins)

  • tara

    Thanks for the quick reply! and BIG thanks for the great tutorial!!
    I changed the mobile menu color to the colors i desired, however both in the mobile and non mobile display, once the header floats (when someone scrolls down), the menu text turns white and is therefore somewhat hard to find on a white background… since i now know how to change the mobile menu background color, i am mostly concerned about this effecting the non mobile viewers as my website has a lot of white background areas.. I’ve tried editing the menu text colors the way you showed in the original tutorial but didn’t find a way to change the floating text color. is there a way to disable the floating menu or at least the text color change?

  • tara

    another quick question i have – i would like to vertically split one page into 2 background colors (half and half), at first thought it seemed to me there must be a simple way to do this but i haven’t been able to figure it out… can you please advise what the best way would be? Thanks!

  • bob dobs

    This is massively helpful! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • Adam Bastola

    Hey Hogan,

    I tried to upgrade mine to 1.5.4 and I followed one of the documentation on the website and followed I believe it was step 4. Selected different theme, deleted ultra and then reinstalled and activated. I didn’t lose any of my data however, now I cannot do any drag or drop editing.Whenever I clicked on Themify Builder: Turn it on, it turns it on but doesn’t give me selection on the bottom and i did tried disabling themify builder and tried re-enable. Nothing seems to fix that. Could you please help me out on that and again my words aren’t enough to thank you for all your videos. Thanks again

  • have replied to your email 🙂

  • Adam Bastola

    Do you still have more tutorials on how I can make pages look more cool for example, how can i add count down for events, how can I add upcoming events on side bar or how can I add sub menu on the page itself so a page will have content but in the middle there is a sub menu bar with menu’s user can click and go.
    How can I syn my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds on my website as a side bar.
    Is there a way I can make footer wide so that I can add business moto, name, phone number and a box to subscribe? and also side bar with menu on the footer section. Please let me know and thank you again

  • Adam Bastola
  • Patricia Tella

    Hi Hogan

    I like your tutorial very much, I’m trying to build a website following your instructions. In the about page I Would like to create a clear Box where I can write a long text but at the same time I want my background image to be visible throught the clear box. Is it possible to create that clear Box? Because I Will be able to make a solid color Box but I do not how to make a clear box, Any suggestion?

    I attached an example of what I’m trying to do.

    Pattytella@hotmail.comHi Hogan

    I like your tutorial very much, I’m trying to build a website following your instructions. In the about page I Would like to create a clear Box where I can write a long text but at the same time I want my background image to be visible throught the clear box. Is it possible to create that clear Box? Because I Will be able to make a solid color Box but I do not how to make a clear box, Any suggestion?


  • Patricia Tella

    Hi Hogan
    I like your tutorial very much, I’m trying to build a website following your instructions. In the about page I Would like to create a clear Box where I can write a long text but at the same time I want my background image to be visible throught the clear box. Is it possible to create that clear Box? Because I Will be able to make a solid color Box but I do not how to make a clear box, Any suggestion?

    I attached an example of what I’m trying to do.


  • Esmaeel Akther

    Hi Hogan,

    I would like to thank you for this tutorial. Watching your tutorial, a person who had no idea about web design has been able to kick start my business and help people overcome their fear of public speaking and share their message confidently.

    I dedicate my website to you: elevanto.co

  • Muhecha Play

    Hey, Hogan!

    Thank you so much for this tutorial ! These all abou t amazing, may God bless you. After watching your tutorial, I am inspired to inspire the others, it just fun, simplify the complexity. Thank you very much :). I hope that you make a video which tell your job and your experience in being website developer. Thanks Again!!

  • Arunji

    Hey Hogan,
    How can I get all 10 plugins

  • Oreoluwa Oni

    Hi Hogan great tutorials indeed, You are awesome. Please I tried to update the themify theme on my wordpress dashboard and it asked me for my themify account details, what do I do, because I dont remember creating any themify account during the installation tutorial you posted. Thanks for your help Hogan, will be awaiting your response.

  • You will find the answer in the FAQ section of the website 🙂

    let me know if you have any issues!


  • simon watson

    Hi Hogan apologies for the delay, but I have only just seen your reply. Thanks for the BL btw, it was appreciated mate

  • Areg Balayan

    Hey Hogan, can you please upload the newest version of themify?

  • If you’ve finished the tuturial, shoot me an email at support@hoganchua.com and let me know you’d like the newest version of themify and I’ll try help you out 😀

    Cheers, Hogan.

  • Tharique Primero

    Hello Hogan,

    It’s a wonderful experience so far learning from your tutorial. You gave the best, detailed, non-confusing advice.

    Currently, I’ve followed up to creating the home page. So far, the result is outstanding. Kudos for you.

    However, I found out that there is a problem with mobile view of this website. There is a white space on top of the WordPress bar when logged in.

    Since I’ve just followed this tutorial up until the home page, do you include any step to remove the white space in this tutorial? If you don’t, can you suggest a way of removing it?

    Please note that this problem occurs only on mobile. The problem does not exist when viewed on PC. Not even using mobile after selecting “Request Desktop Site” in my Chrome for Android.


  • Tharique Primero

    I’ve re-checked the issue. Seems like the problem also occurs when selecting “Request Desktop Site”. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Andy Khedekar

    Text in text module dosn’t auto flow when you resize browser… means its not wrapping in ie….. rest browers working fine

  • Lily

    Hi Hogan!

    This tutorial is definitely very helpful! I just have a question about the social media links. There’s this bar above all of my pages that doesn’t seem to be a part of the panels but I can’t seem to get rid of it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lily