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  • Absolutely! And Yes it’s the Full Version, not a “demo”. However, if you’d like support/updates you have the option to become a single theme member or club membership (all Themify themes). And it’s highly recommended for those who are serious about their business, because you can get answers to your problems quicker and enjoy the experience much more. You can also use: HOGAN for 30% Off.

    Note: I have exclusive permission from Themify to share this theme and thousands of people have already built their websites following my tutorials.

  • Absolutely! This theme is completely SEO Friendly; I use it for my own sites. Google will still pick up all your content, even if you add text using the “Text” Module instead of the default WordPress text editor. You can right click your page, view source and check to find your content in the html. That means Google can read it.

    But of course, you need to have great content and properly optimize it for the keywords you want to rank for. I recommend using Yoast SEO to help guide you in optimizing it.

Theme Installation
  • Some cases, you may be using (free and lite version) whereas in this tutorial we are using (open source, self-hosted version). For eg. users can’t upload plugins. In this tutorial, we get our own domain name, hosting and then install WordPress (free open source version). We have more functionality and control over our website, which is definitely the best long term option.

  • If you have installed another theme/followed another tutorial (and haven’t done too much work already) – I highly recommend just starting on a new and fresh WordPress Install.
    I.e. You can reset your Wordpress within a minute by using the WordPress Reset Plugin.

    After install/activation – It will add a new menu item to the admin sidebar, Tools > Database Reset. The WordPress Database Reset plugin will delete ALL of the content on your site. Select the tables you would like to reset, or click Select All to completely reset your site. Because sometimes the content/plugins/theme etc might interfere with your website.

    But if you don’t want to since you have made alot of pages/posts etc. Just try to deactivate all the plugins first, as it may interfere and then activate it later.

  • Mac/Safari Users: The file might automatically unzip when you download it. You will need to re-zip it and then you can follow the tutorial to Upload it into your WordPress dashboard. You can re-zip it by right clicking the main folder and compress the folder. Still having issues? Use Chrome or Firefox.

  • Localhost/xampp users: Please upload the theme directly into your “wp-content/themes” manually. Unzip the file and then just drop it into that folder. Refresh your WordPress and then activate the theme.

  • If you get this message, it means you haven’t been following the tutorial! Hehe! But this is normally is cause sometimes if your using MAC/Safari when you download the theme, it will automatically unzip the .zip to a folder. And then you tried uploading the folder.

    To Fix, right click the folder and recompress. You MUST upload the .zip file format. The theme you upload should be

  • Go to Customizer > Themify Options > Custom CSS and then paste in:

    .header-top-bar #site-logo img {
     width: 250px;
     height: 150px;
    -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease-out;
     -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-out;
     -o-transition: all 0.5s ease-out;
     transition: all 0.5s ease-out;
    #headerwrap.fixed-header #site-logo img {
     width: 200px;

    Note: You may need to edit the figures for width and height depending on the size you wish to have.

  • Go to Customizer > Custom CSS and then paste in:

    .header-horizontal #header {
        text-align: inherit;
        padding: 0em 0;
    #footerwrap {
        padding: 0em 0 0em;

    Edit the number in front of the “em” to adjust the exact amount of padding you want.

  • If you have downloaded the Theme before 1/1/17 or using version is 1.6.2 and below please Re-download theme from any of the YouTube descriptions (Ultra version 1.6.3) which is compatible with Wordpress 4.7

    Then update following these steps: (settings will remain after re-activation of theme).

    This should ensure your customizer section is showing up correctly and not be “blank”. Also make sure you’ve updated WordPress to version 4.7 (this should show up in your WordPress dashboard.)

  • Most common fix is to use Google Chrome. Also Clear all history/browser cache.

    And then there are a range of other issues, for example. Not the latest version of Wordpress or Version of PHP, Plugins that might conflict with builder etc. If not up to date, update to latest versions and deactivate plugins.

    If problem persist, drop me a comment!

  • 1) Most likely the links probably missing the “:” for example if you try to copy the URL from the browser it’s currently: http://http// – so you can just put “” in the custom link section or make sure you do put the “:” like this:

    2) The row anchors are case sensitive. so make sure they are exactly matching (#about > about) it can’t be (#About > about)

    3) Make sure there are no spaces – if it’s two words -it should be like #aboutme

    4) Sometimes your website has the “www.” whereas your custom link doesn’t have it. If it does, make sure to include it.

  • Most common quick fix is to try and Switch the backend builder.

    1) Go to Edit Page > Scroll down to themify custom panel > Select Themify Builder Tab > Test the module.

    2) Try using another browser i.e Chrome

    3) Clear your history, cache and cookies, then retest the builder.

    4) Disable/deactivate all your other plug-ins, retest.

    5) If problem persists, make sure that you’re using PHP 5.4 +.

    If you’re using Hostgator or a Host that uses Cpanel, watch this quick video to update to PHP version:

    Lastly, you can always call/email your host and simply ask them to update. If you have at least version 5.4 installed, you should be fine.

  • Does your header always look like this?

    This basically means, that your screen/browser is too small and the website recognizes it as a Mobile Device, hence showing you the Mobile Menu.

    You can do two things
    1) I recommend this first, is to just zoom out a bit on your browser to say 90% or 80% (I use Google Chrome, but I think all should have this function)
    2) Go to Dashboard > Themify Ultra > Themify Settings > Theme Settings > Responsive Design > And you can set the size (px) you want it to convert to Mobile Menu. (But I recommend just keeping it as default)

  • If your website looks like this: (This means, you’ve selected the “boxed header layout” which basically puts your website in a box)

    1) Go to Dashboard > Themify Settings > Theme Settings > Theme Appearance > Header Layout > Select the “Top Bar” (If you hover over the icon, it should come up with a tooltip that tells you the name)

    Or watch this video below

  • Instead of using px for padding/margin (which is fixed) – Try using %. This means it will be a variable and spacing will change according to screen size.

    And also watch below. Tutorial on How to Make it “SUPER” Mobile Responsive 🙂

  • Sometimes when your logged in you might see all your content is perfect but when you log out – it seems to disappear.

    In this case, 1) Go to Themify Settings > Themify Builder > Clear Builder Cache > Turn OFF Builder Cache > Save. 2) Log out and also exit/refresh your browser. 3) Check if problem persists.

    Note: It is also a good idea to save your revisions regularly or save your layouts. And also backup your wordpress website, so that you can restore it anytime.

  • In this video, I’ll answer the following:

    1. When I hover over my images, why does it turn black?
    2. Where do the contact form submissions go?
    3. How can I customize the text colour and background of the Mobile menu?
    4. How can I activate/deactivate the comment section?
    5. Why isn’t the Themify Builder saving?
    6. Why isn’t the Themify Front End Builder not working?
    7. How can I change the “post date” color?

  • @media screen and (max-width:1000px){
    .sidemenu {
    background-color:#000 !important;
    #headerwrap #main-nav a, #headerwrap #main-nav ul a{
    #headerwrap #main-nav li a:hover{
    color: #53C9ED;
    #headerwrap #main-nav .current_page_item > a, #headerwrap #main-nav .current-menu-item > a {
    color: #53C9ED !important;

  • I know some people might want to buy, or .ca domains because it’s for a local business. Yes, you definitely can.

    Please follow the steps below and you should be up and running in a few minutes!:)

    So after you have bought the domain, all you need to do is:

    1) Copy the name server details from your hosting confirmation email. It should look something like this:


     2) Go to the dashboard of where you bought your domain, and click on manage domains. Then you should end up somewhere like this. This is an example of the Godaddy Dashboard, but it is similar for all other places. You will need to go to “manage the domains section” and then select manage nameservers.


    3) Then you see options to where you can update your name servers to the ones provided to you from your Hostgator confirmation email.


    Note: This might take anywhere up to 24 hours for it to update. But from experience it’s pretty quick and should be done within 15 mins and 2-3 hours at the latest.

    4) At this stage. You need to login to your Hostgator Cpanel with the details provided to you.

    5) Scroll Down, and Click on “Addon Domains” then fill in the details.
    Note: You only need to fill in 4 things as shown below. The Subdomain or FTP User and Document Root will automatically appear after you have entered in your new domain name. Leave those as default.



    6) You are done! Now you can proceed to Quick Install and Install WordPress on your new domain.

    Please Note: If you just changed the nameservers, you may need to watch 2-3 hours for your site to be up. But from experience it will be up in 15-20 mins. And worst case scenario up to 24 hours. Contact your host, if there are any issues.