• GyvenimoArena

    Thank you.Great Tutorial 🙂

  • Banks Dada

    thumb up for HG!!

  • Hi HC, I would like to know which social plugin you use this blog to share?
    Thanks for all.

  • your welcome!

  • Thanks man!

  • rohit singh

    Theme Ultra’s Customize is not working with WordPress 4.6. Plz Help us in getting latest ultra theme for free.

  • Albert Puah

    Hey Hogan, I wanna totally remove the header and menu as well as the footer. Currently it sits as a white bar, how can i do that? www.

  • You can go to edit page > scroll down to themify custom panel > themify appearance > and select the “X” footer and “X” header. That will only edit a specific page which is what I think you want right?

  • John

    Great tutorial once again Hogan.

    May I ask where you got the image of the houses(hero image) from?

  • tom tem

    greeting hogan chua, can’t say how great you are,thanks so much . 1- well, i’m just asking if you have any videos or text help about creating social network website (same idea of facebook) , 2- how can we ” visitors or fans” help you to get your work more increase ?

  • Maik Schluroff

    Thanks a lot! Excellent tutorial(s).

    In the builder, I cannot import the “Themify Settings.zip” (nor any of the page zip files): when importing the spinning wheel goes on and on and nothing happens. Can only stop it by clicking on “save”.

    What I tried so far:
    — absoluteley new install of WP and theme, following exactly your tutorial.
    — set all file authoritation to “777”
    — changed admin language to English
    — tried with Browsers Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Firefox (latest versions in each case)
    — tried on 2 different computers

    Anyone any idea what the cause could be?

    Greetings from Lake Constance/Germany

  • Shoot me your url, user and pass to creativeway10@gmail.com and I take a look 🙂

  • Maik Schluroff

    I think I found the cause: the install directory was set to use PHP 5.6 (Modul) instead of the required PHP 5.6 (CGI).
    Not that I really know what that means.

    But thanks a lot to you, Hogan, for your willingness to look into the matter. I am impressed.

  • Albert Puah

    Hey Hoegan, not exactly, I clicked X on both footer and header and i’m still left with spaces on top and bottom. could you help me see http://www.switchrapp.com

  • Franziska Sophie

    hi, thanks for the tutorial! i cannot find where to add the API key for google maps in ultra 1.1.4, please help! 🙂

  • Please re-download the theme from here, or Youtube Descript. and then Update it following: https://themify.me/docs/upgrading#reinstall (all settings will remain and be the same after update). Then you’ll see those settings 🙂 Cheers Hogan

  • Brother-In-Law

    Hogan, thanks for your tutorial.I have a challenge. Inside my SERVICE SECTION, the arrangement of items are either overlapping each or not correctly arranged if i switch to mobile view.. Kindly advice on what i can do to make it look more responsive on mobile. Here is my web: http://www.deduice.com

  • Amr

    Hogan thanks for tutorial. it’s a wonderful tutorial. I would like to ask if it possible to connect row with a particular row in pages,

  • luke

    Awesome videos and sites. I can’t believe i have created a website. just a quick question, which in your opinion is the best free social meida share plug in (only need the 3 majors

  • there are plently and can be found by doing a simple google search – but for blog posts, a simple and easy one is “social sharing by danny”

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03855e5f3ca839143595f228438893fa https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dc1c2f835904e34849c0f1d3e9e8d757ab8901872e0bee011453bb30cd078d30.jpg 74bd795ddb22f5b42c5a9449c04a21da.jpg Hey hogan I’m having real problems with my site, it appears differently when I’m logged in and off

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    The first picture sent is how the website should look, but I have no idea what to do here

  • Bradley Mcdonald

    Do you think it could be a problem with the theme version ?

  • Zhuo Wang

    Hi, Hogan, thanks for your tutorial! I have two questions: first, my website title does not align with the navigation bar, is there a way to adjust it? the second is, is it free to use themify ultra provided by this video tutorial? Look forward to your response, thanks! 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33a29c0cb8bf32d29bdc2e93468105fbc01472c0e2643d7e8425669f5d0c5efb.png

  • Hi Hogan, on the home page, I have no more lines for the map is there anyway of adding extra in. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks 🙂

  • Hogan, have learnt so much thank you. However having issues with home page phoenixriz.com
    what it looks like on the builder is not what the home page looks like live. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Really not happy, lot of the coding is missing.
    font colour not working
    feature box is not working – dont duplicate
    pages look different when it goes live.
    Help would be nice